Conditions of participation

King of the First hill 2017

1. Registrations

Can be fully completed online from Monday, 5 December 2016, 10.00 h until Monday, 6 March 2017, 13.00 h at tel. 033 828 77 11, fax 033 828 77 10, email

Registration is only considered finally confirmed once the money has been received by the organiser (confirmation receipt). The money must be posted to the account of Firstbahn AG at the latest by Thursday 9 March. Without valid payment or payment entry, a spot is not guaranteed.

2. Entry fee

The entry fee is CHF 45 and will be collected directly online (late registration on site is an extra CHF 10).
With late registration the entry fee can only be paid in cash. Debit credit cards will not be accepted.

3. Eligibility to participate

Open to all those born in and after 1998. Licensed skiers are also allowed to take part. Those aged between 16-18 years born in 2001, 2000 and 1999 may only participate with the signature or permission of a legal guardian (please contact the KotFh organising committee by e-mail).

Participation is limited to 300 people (first come, first served basis)!

4. Categories – individual

Ski Men: born in and after 1998 (evaluation: according to time, prizes for 1st to 3rd place)

Snowboard Men: born in and after 1998 (evaluation: according to time, prizes for 1st to 3rd place)

Ski Women: born in and after 1998 (evaluation: according to time, prizes for 1st to 3rd place)

Snowboard Women born in and after 1998 (evaluation: according to time, prizes for 1st to 3rd place)

Fun (costumes encouraged) born in and after 1998 (evaluation: prize for the person closest to the category-average time)

5. Team championship

A team consists of 3 or more participants, whose three fastest times count towards the team’s evaluation. The team may include skiers and/or snowboarders. There is only one team championship category. Prizes for the three fastest teams (3 people per team).

6. Race suits

Race suits (race outfits) are NOT allowed. A ski racing helmet that corresponds to European standard EN 1077 and back protector must be worn for the race. Mountaineering, ice hockey, bike helmets etc. are not permitted. A violation will lead to disqualification.

7. Safety

After the official starting line, the route leads across the existing ski slope without this being especially prepared or set up for the occasion. The race course is NOT additionally protected with special nets and padding. FIS rules are to be respected.

If an accident occurs on the route during the race, FIS rule no. 9 (in the case of accidents, every skier and snowboarder is obligated to provide aid) applies to all participants.

The official piste inspection is carried out before the start. This means there should be nobody left on the ski piste. However, people may still remain on the course at any time. Additional volunteers with yellow flags are located on the course at points with no visibility. When yellow flags are waved, extra care must be taken when descending (obstacle on the course). These volunteers also ensure there are no people at points with no visibility.

Racers are responsible for their own behaviour and safety, including the safety of other competitors and people in the area. FIS rules 1 to 4 shall apply when selecting skiing style. People engaging in rowdy behaviour will be disqualified by the jury.

8. Race procedure

The race is organised on the individual-start format at approx. every 10 seconds. (May be adjusted according to the situation.)

– Check gates: Racers must pass through various check gates along the course, otherwise racers are free to choose their own course.

The last start is at 18.00 h at the latest.

Finish time is at 18.30 h. Participants who come in later than the finish time are considered not to have finished.

9. Starting sequence

The starting sequence is determined on the basis of the previous year’s overall rankings list (per category). Sequence of categories in the starting list: Ski Men, Ski Women, Snowboard Men, Snowboard Women, FUN. 10 times/ranks are always compiled from last year’s rankings (per category). These participants are then allotted once again among the 10 positions. Participants who were not involved last year are randomly assigned a starting place after all of the participants who took part last year (the same category). Participants in the FUN category will start and be assigned after all participants in the Ski Men, Ski Women, Snowboard Men and Snowboard Women categories. If participants wish to start sequentially, only in the FUN category (skiers with sliding boards, costumes etc.), they are placed at the end of the starting field. If an advantage arises for individual participants (weather conditions etc.), participants are then allotted a starting place in the normal fashion.

10. During the race

When yellow flags are waved on the course (by the course section manager), extra care must be taken when descending! (when another participant falls, obstacles on the course, or something similar). When obliged to leave the race, participants must report to the next course post (for control).

11. Nach dem Rennen (Transponder)

Jeder Teilnehmer erhält bei der Startnummernausgabe ein Transponder (Chip) mit Band dieser muss Fuss befestigt werden. Jeder Teilnehmer ist verantwortlich für die Rückgabe des Transponders inkl. Band. Nach dem Zieldurchlauf ist der Transponder unverzüglich im Zielauslauf bei den dafür vorgesehenen Helfern abzugeben. Teilnehmende, die das Rennen abgebrochen haben, oder nicht zum Start angetreten sind müssen ihren Transponder an der Firstbahn oder im Ziel bei den Verantwortlichen am Samstagabend bis um 20.00 Uhr oder beim nächsten Streckenposten zurückgeben.
Verlorene und nicht zurückgegebene Transponder werden dem jeweiligen Teilnehmer mit CHF 75.00 in Rechnung gestellt.

12. Modifying/shortening the race

If obliged to do so by the conditions (lack of snow etc.), race management alone reserves the right to shorten the race, postpone it or even cancel it (avalanche danger etc.)

13. Reimbursement

In the event the race is cancelled for reasons beyond the organisation committee’s control (weather conditions etc), the entry fee cannot be reimbursed.

14. Use of data

All participants authorise the use of images from the race to illustrate rankings, websites and for other public relation purposes by the organisers and third parties. When entering, participants agree to the publication of their name, place of residence and in particular their year of birth on official start/ranking lists in paper or electronic format by the organisers or third parties.

15. Insurance

The King of the First Hill organising committee (Firstbahn AG and volunteers) assume no liability with respect to all participants/competitors, including spectators, for any damages caused or suffered by participants/competitors or volunteers. The King of the First Hill also assumes no liability whatsoever for minor negligence. Participants are responsible for taking out third-party accident insurance.